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    Newsletter for international Higher Education Sector on the update of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education - Issue 5    
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Welcome to the seventh issue of the HKDSE newsletter, which provides information on the progress of the new Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination being developed by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) to be administered for the first time this year.

In this issue, the following will be covered:

 Over 73,000 candidates taking the first HKDSE Examination
 Acceptance of HKDSE by tertiary institutions in the Mainland and Taiwan
 Promoting HKDSE at AACRAO Annual Meeting in the United States
 Revamped webpage for international recognition

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     Over 73,000 candidates taking the first HKDSE Examination      

This year sees the first run of the new HKDSE Examination which marks a landmark in the realm of public examination. A total of about 73,150 candidates, consisting of 71,830 school candidates and 1,320 private candidates are sitting for the 2012 HKDSE Examination, which starts this month.

Three categories of subjects are offered in the 2012 HKDSE (Category A: 24 New Senior Secondary subjects; Category B: 30 Applied Learning subjects; and Category C: Six Other Language subjects).The candidature for each core subject (Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies) is around 72,000.

In addition to the four core subjects, about 46,000 school candidates take two elective subjects while 19,000 school candidates take three elective subjects. For details, please click here to read the press release.

     Acceptance of HKDSE by tertiary institutions in the Mainland and Taiwan       

The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China announced in November 2011 that 63 Mainland higher education institutions will exempt the HKDSE holders from taking the Joint Entrance Examination for Universities in the Mainland. These institutions are from 11 provinces and municipalities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong. A wide variety of programmes are offered to candidates, which include comprehensive universities, normal universities, medical universities, universities of Chinese medicine and universities of finance and economics, as well as a language university, a fashion institute, an academy of fine arts, a conservatory of music and a communication university. Please click here for more details.

Besides, the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Student (UECOCS) of Taiwan has also announced that from 2012 onwards, the HKDSE holders can apply for Taiwan universities through UECOCS directly. Please check out here for more details.

     Promoting HKDSE at AACRAO Annual Meeting in the United States       

The HKEAA and Education Bureau (EDB) will participate in the 98th annual meeting of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) in Philadelphia from 1 to 4 April.

With an audience comprising academics, admission officers and registrars of numerous tertiary institutions, the annual meeting provides us a great opportunity to introduce the marking and reporting system of the HKDSE Examination and the progress on its recognitions to the US higher education sector.

Currently, more than 110 universities have published their admission requirements for HKDSE holders on the HKEAA website. (Recognition of Qualifications for HKDSE).

     Revamped webpage for international recognition       

The HKEAA has revamped the webpage for international recognition of the HKEAA examinations and qualifications. The revamped webpage provides an easier navigation covering comprehensive information, including recognitions on the HKDSE Qualification from different countries and related benchmarking studies. Search functions on recognition from overseas universities are also included to make it more convenient for users to find the relevant information.

Please check out the revamped webpage .






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