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August 2018
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Welcome to the 20th HKDSE newsletter with the latest developments of the HKDSE.

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Overall performance of 2018 HKDSE candidates

About 57,650 candidates received their 2018 HKDSE results on 11 July. Some 21,300 day school candidates attained the minimum requirements of ‘3322’ (i.e. level 3 or above in both Chinese Language and English Language, and level 2 or above in Mathematics Compulsory Part and Liberal Studies) to gain access to local bachelor degree programmes this year, of which over 13,100 qualified candidates were offered places at the eight government-funded universities on 6 August 2018.

After the New Academic Structure Medium-term Review, classical set texts have been included in the assessment of Chinese Language Paper 1 from the 2018 HKDSE. Around 86.1% of day school candidates attained level 2 or above in Chinese Language, similar to that of 2017, while 57.2% were awarded level 3 or above and 10.0% level 5 or above, both showing increases from last year’s figures. Read more about the 2018 HKDSE results statistics.

2018 saw a record high in the recognition of the HKDSE qualification. Nearly 280 overseas higher education institutions have accepted HKDSE results for admission purposes. The worldwide acceptance of the HKDSE indicates that senior secondary graduates in Hong Kong are presented with multiple pathways. Based on an Education Bureau’s survey in 2017, among the HKDSE graduates who chose to study abroad, 29% were admitted to higher education institutions in Taiwan, followed by 20% to the United Kingdom and another 20% to Mainland China. Click here for an overview of the international recognition of the HKDSE.

Parents Seminar: Myths and Facts of Examinations

On 11 August 2018 over 420 parents and members of the public attended our public examinations information seminar themed Myths and Facts of Examinations. Hosted by Dr So Kwok-sang, Secretary General, and Mrs Christina Lee, Director of Public Examinations of the HKEAA, the seminar aimed to invite our stakeholders, in particular parents, to learn more about the examination services offered by the Authority, including the HKDSE and a suite of international examinations catering for the diversified education needs of the young generation of Hong Kong.

‘The views and opinions of parents, one of the key stakeholders of our examination and assessment services and the education system in Hong Kong, are important for the betterment of the services the Authority provides,’ said Dr So, ‘In recent years, we don't just focus on engaging our stakeholders but will also proactively strengthen our assessment literacy training programmes for them.’

To reach out to more stakeholders across different areas in Hong Kong, the Authority will be holding another parents seminar in the New Territories on 15 September 2018. Programme details are available online.

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