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2017 HKDSE results released on 12 July




(From left) Dr Tong Chong-sze, Dr Halina Poon Suk-han, Professor Edward Chen Kwan-yiu, Professor Lui Tai-lok and
Mrs Christina Lee exchange views on the impact of public examinations and assessment on education

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August 2017
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Welcome to the 18th HKDSE newsletter with updated developments of the HKDSE and a special feature about our 40th Anniversary Luncheon Forum.

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Highest percentage of HKDSE candidates admitted to bachelor’s degree programmes

This year, about 20,900 day school candidates out of 61,600 HKDSE candidates attained the minimum requirements, level 3 or above in both Chinese Language and English Language, and level 2 or above in Mathematics Compulsory Part and Liberal Studies (‘3322’) for admission to local undergraduate university programmes, of which some 17,700 qualified candidates were offered bachelor's degree programme places at the University Grants Committee-funded universities and the Open University of Hong Kong on 7 August 2017. This is the highest rate of HKDSE graduates getting seats offered since the inaugural HKDSE in 2012.

To enhance education quality, starting from the 2017/18 academic year, the Government will provide a non-means tested annual subsidy of $30,000 for eligible students meeting the ‘3322’ requirements to pursue full-time locally accredited local and non-local self-financing undergraduate (including top-up degree) programmes. HKDSE graduates are now being offered more options to pursue their further education pathways.

Read more about the 2017 HKDSE results statistics.
2017 HKDSE results released on 12 July

Further promotion of the HKDSE qualification

The number of overseas tertiary institutions that accepted the HKDSE qualification has exceeded 270, and this is a clear indication of their vote of confidence in the academic achievements of Hong Kong students. Based on an Education Bureau survey in 2016, about 10% of the 2016 HKDSE graduates chose to pursue full-time study outside Hong Kong, with 29% studying in higher education institutions in Taiwan, 21% in the United Kingdom (UK) and 18% in the Mainland.

In mid-July this year, Mrs Christina Lee, Director of Public Examinations provided the latest updates on the 2017 HKDSE to the admission officers of UK universities at an education fair in town. Latest developments of the HKDSE are shared with relevant stakeholders on a regular basis.

This worldwide acceptance of HKDSE is encouraging to youngsters of Hong Kong as multiple education pathways are available. Learn more about the recognition of HKDSE.

New developments in the 2018 HKDSE

As a result of the review of the New Academic Structure (NAS), questions on 12 classical set texts will be included in the 2018 HKDSE Category A Chinese Language Paper 1 (Reading). Sample papers are available on the HKEAA website to facilitate students and teachers’ preparation for the public assessment.

Regarding the reporting of candidates' performance in Category B Applied Learning (ApL) subjects, the existing two levels, 'Attained' and 'Attained with Distinction', will be refined to three levels, 'Attained', 'Attained with Distinction (I)' and 'Attained with Distinction (II)' in the 2018 HKDSE. While 'Attained with Distinction (I)' is comparable to level 3, 'Attained with Distinction (II)' is comparable to level 4 or above of the Category A subjects of the HKDSE.

Visit the HKEAA website for details about the review of the senior secondary curriculum and assessment.

HKEAA 40th Anniversary Luncheon Forum

The HKEAA 40th Anniversary Luncheon Forum held on 8 August was a huge success. More than 160 guests from the education community, including senior government officials as well as heads of public organisations attended the forum to discuss and review the development and impact of public examinations and educational assessment in Hong Kong.

Our guest of honour, Mr Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, Secretary for Education officiated the opening ceremony and delivered a speech at the luncheon. He acknowledged the concerted efforts of the Authority in providing fair and reliable examinations in Hong Kong in the last four decades. He also appreciated the collaboration by the Education Bureau and the Authority in promoting the HKDSE over the past few years, resulting in the HKDSE qualification being widely accepted locally and overseas.

Professor Edward Chen Kwan-yiu, the keynote speaker, then gave a talk on ‘Assessment and Examinations: A Liberal Arts Perspective’ and joined a panel discussion with Professor Lui Tai-lok, Chair Professor of Hong Kong Studies of the Education University of Hong Kong, Dr Halina Poon Suk-han, Chairman of Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary School Council, and Dr Tong Chong-sze, Secretary General of the HKEAA.

More highlights of the Luncheon Forum on our 40th anniversary website.

(From left) Dr Tong Chong-sze, Dr Halina Poon Suk-han, Professor Edward Chen Kwan-yiu, Professor Lui Tai-lok and Mrs Christina Lee exchange views on the impact of public examinations and assessment on education

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