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    Newsletter for international Higher Education Sector on the update of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education - Issue 13    
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Welcome to the thirteenth HKDSE newsletter.

2015 sees the fourth administration of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination. More than 60,000 Secondary six students will be taking the examinations. Our tireless efforts in promoting the HKDSE have opened the doors of more and more overseas universities for HKDSE students.

For any queries please contact Miss May Chan, International Recognition Officer (international@hkeaa.edu.hk).

74,000 candidates sitting the 2015 HKDSE

This year over 62,000 school candidates and about 12,000 private candidates have registered for the HKDSE Examination. The examinations will finish in May and candidates will receive their HKDSE results notice on 15 July.

The core subjects, namely Chinese Language, English Language, Liberal Studies and Mathematics Compulsory Part have the largest candidatures. Around 70,000 candidates entered for English Language, 69,000 for Chinese Language and Mathematics, while Liberal Studies has a candidature of around 67,000.

Over 85 percent of the school candidates registered for two to three elective subjects apart from the four core subjects and most of them take six subjects in total.

Economics, with a total of 18,513 entries, remains the most popular elective subject this year, followed by Biology and Chemistry, each with a candidature of around 17,000.

Please click here for details regarding the 2015 HKDSE registration statistics.

Growing acceptance of HKDSE results

The recognition and acceptance of the HKDSE qualification by universities as evidence of academic ability has reached a record high in 2015. Over 200 higher education institutions around the world accept applications from HKDSE graduates.

With this growing trend in international recognition, the multiple education pathways for senior secondary students in Hong Kong will be further expanded. For details, please click here.



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