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    Newsletter for international Higher Education Sector on the update of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education - Issue 11    
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This issue includes updates on the overall results of the 2014 HKDSE as well as the growing recognition of this new qualification.

For any queries please contact Miss May Chan, International Recognition Officer (international@hkeaa.edu.hk).

Release of the 2014 HKDSE Examination results

About 80,000 HKDSE candidates received their results on 14 July, of which more than 80% were secondary school leavers who have completed the three-year New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum.

This year, a total of 27,943 candidates have met the general entrance requirements for the government-funded undergraduate university programmes in Hong Kong. These candidates have achieved level 3 or above in both Chinese and English languages and level 2 in Mathematics (Compulsory Part) and Liberal Studies.

Over 46,000 candidates obtained level 2 or above in five subjects including Chinese and English Language. With these achievements they are eligible to apply for local sub-degree courses and relevant civil service posts.

HKDSE Exam Report with essential statistics will be published in early 2015 and please read the press release on the overall results of 2014 HKDSE Examination.

Growing recognition of HKDSE among overseas institutions

Since April this year, the HKEAA has invited 165 overseas institutions which had announced their entry requirements of HKDSE candidates, to provide their updated admission policy.

By the end of July, around 100 higher education institutions from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as Asia Pacific and Europe have responded, and provided us with the updates on their admission requirements for Hong Kong students.

Currently 180 tertiary institutions worldwide have recognized the HKDSE Examination results for admission purposes. We anticipate more updates on the entry requirements from admission officers. For details, please visit HKEAA website.


Further options for students under the New Academic Structure (NAS)

A survey conducted by the Education Bureau (EDB) revealed that 85% of the students who took the HKDSE last year continued to pursue their studies either locally or abroad. The United Kingdom was the most favored destination for the 5,600 secondary school graduates who chose to study abroad.

Last year, 8.3% of secondary school graduates joined the job market. To promote understanding of the new qualification to the employers, the HKEAA together with the EDB held a seminar for employers and human resources managers in August. The progress of the NAS and the HKDSE were elaborated further and the feedbacks from employers on the performance of the NSS graduates were shared.


(From right to left): Guest speaker Mr Colin Chang of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Dr Tong Chong-sze, Secretary General of the HKEAA and Ms Ching Suk-yee, Principal Education Officer of Education Bureau responded to questions from employers at the seminar.


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