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    Newsletter for international Higher Education Sector on the update of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education - Issue 11    
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Welcome to the eleventh issue of the HKDSE newsletter.

In this issue, you can read about updates of the 2014 HKDSE Examination and our efforts in promoting the HKDSE qualification to universities worldwide.

Please contact Miss May Chan, International Recognition Officer (international@hkeaa.edu.hk) for any queries.

80,000 candidates sitting the 2014 HKDSE Examination

This year a total of 79,615 candidates, consisting of 66,613 school candidates and 13,002 private candidates, have entered the third Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination. Written examinations of Category A New Senior Secondary (NSS) subjects have commenced in April. The results of the 2014 HKDSE Examination are expected to be released on 14 July.

Among the core subjects, English Language has the largest candidature of 76,131 while both Chinese Language and Mathematics have more than 74,000 candidates entering the examinations. Liberal Studies has a candidature of 72,146.

On top of the four core subjects, about 45,000 school candidates take two elective subjects while 11,800 school candidates take three elective subjects. Economics continues to be the most popular subject and it has an entry of 20,565 candidates, followed by Biology and Chemistry with more than 18,000 and 17,400 candidates respectively.

Please read the 2014 HKDSE Examination registration statistics here.

Promoting HKDSE to European institutions

The HKEAA received a delegation of international affairs and recruitment officers from Ireland in February. During the meeting, Dr Tong Chong-sze, Secretary General of the HKEAA discussed the latest development of the HKDSE with representatives of National University of Ireland, Galway, University College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, as well as Dundalk Grammar School.

The HKEAA also participated in the European Higher Education Fair held in March and gave a presentation on the standards and progress on the recognition of HKDSE for representatives of 40 European institutions attending the fair.

Please click here for details of the recognition of HKDSE.


Dr Tong Chong-sze, Secretary General (middle) met the representatives of Irish institutions.

Survey on admission requirements

With the aim of broadening recognition of the HKDSE, the HKEAA conducts another round of survey to gauge feedbacks on HKDSE qualification from overseas institutions. Admission officers are requested to update the admission requirements for HKDSE holders , in particular with respect to adopt the results of the HKDSE English Language as the language requirement with reference to the findings of a benchmarking study between HKDSE and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Currently, more than 160 tertiary institutions worldwide have indicated their acceptance of the HKDSE exam results for admission purposes. Overseas universities are welcome to contact us and provide updates on their admission policies.



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