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Pearson Test of English (PTE) Young Learners / Pearson Test of English (PTE) General

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Cancellation of PTE Test of Young Learners and General in May 2020

In light of the latest situation of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, Pearson announced that the PTE test of Young Learners and General on 23 May 2020 will be cancelled. No PTE test (including the speaking test) will be held at the HKEAA centre in May 2020.

Impacted test takers will be contacted by email or phone in due course about further arrangement.

The next opportunity for taking PTE test of Young Learners and General will be in December 2020 and the registration will be started in September 2020 tentatively. For details, please visit the HKEAA website at


Date: 15 April 2020



There are 2 suites of Pearson Test of English (PTE), PTE Young Learners targets for children and PTE General targets for teenagers and adults. The examinations are held twice a year in May and December in Hong Kong.

The PTE General score concordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages can refer to the website of Pearson Language Tests Hong Kong office (

Important Date

Starting from 2019, the PTE (Young Learners) examination November series will be changed to be offered in December series together with the PTE (General) examination. Therefore, both PTE (Young Learners) and PTE (General) examinations will be available in May and December series. Please refer to the important dates as follows:


Series Level Registration Period(Tentative) Examination Period(Speaking and Writing) (Tentative) Release of Results (Tentative) Issue of Certificates (Tentative)
May PTE Young Learners / PTE General Mid-February to Mid-March Early to Mid May Mid July End of July
December PTE Young Learners / PTE General Mid-September to Mid-October Early to Mid December Early February of the following Year Early March of the following Year



Examination Dates and Fees

Different levels of the PTE Young Learners and PTE General will be held in May 2020 in Hong Kong.  For details, please read "Notes for Persons Entering the Examinations" carefully.   Examination documents will be sent to school candidates through their schools or private candidates by post at the address provided on their entry forms. Admission form will be issued in around late April 2020. Examination results such as result statement or certificate will be sent to candidates about 3 months after the examinations are concluded.



Examination Registration

Interested parties may enter the examinations through their school as "school candidates" or apply by themselves as "private candidates". Examination registration documents may be submitted by post / in-person / via online registration system during the registration period.

Registration by post:
18 February to 4 March 2020

Registration in-person:
5 to 12 March 2020

Online Registration (
18 February (8:30am) to 13 March 2020 (5:30pm)

Examination Entry Form:
Entry Form for Private Candidates / Entry Form for Private Candidates (editable pdf format)
Notes for Persons Entering the Examination

Under special circumstance, the HKEAA may, at it discretion, admit a candidate after the above registration period. A supplementary fee for late entry will be levied. Examination fees or supplementary fees paid are NOT refundable nor transferable in any circumstance.

Candidates requesting special arrangements should submit a written request together with a medical certificate at the time of registration. The application of special arrangement is subject to the examination board's approval.


Examination Syllabus & Examination Result Release Date

For tests syllabuses and test result release date, please contact Pearson Language Tests Hong Kong office at (852) 3181 0123 or visit its website ( or

Candidates can download the Application Form and Notes for Review of Marking and Moderation here.


Data Privacy

Personal data of candidates are used by the HKEAA and the Examination Board for delivery of examination and assessment services. Whether you provide the requested personal data is voluntary. However, if you fail to provide all the data, or if any of the data are inaccurate or incomplete, the HKEAA may not be able to accept your entry or provide all or part of the examination and assessment services. The personal data submitted may also be used for:
  • assisting tertiary institutions and other government / public organizations in their admissions processes;
  • assisting tertiary institutions and other government / public organizations in respect of their requests for information in granting scholarships;
  • assisting tertiary institutions and other government / public organizations to confirm the candidates' eligibility for financial assistance or other forms of subsidization, in which case, the necessary personal data of the candidates may have to be disclosed to the concerned organizations for verification;
  • certifying candidates' examination results in response to legitimate requests;
  • processing any refund or payment in relation to the examination;
  • conducting educational research and analysis in an anonymous format in which the identities of candidates are not traceable; and
  • marketing the services and products of the Examination Board (including examination services, courses, events, publications, and other examination materials or resources) subject to the consent of the candidates.* 

The HKEAA may also transfer the personal data of candidates to third parties for use for the above purposes or other directly related purposes, including government / public organizations, schools and educational institutions, banks (for processing refund or payment), and service providers providing various administrative or technical services to facilitate the delivery of the examination and assessment services including but not limited to data punching, registration process, dispatch of examination documents, and the capture, disposal or other processing of data.   

In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, access to all personal data will be made available, on payment of a fee, to anyone who can establish his / her right to be informed of such data as are retained by the HKEAA. Please also note that candidates' personal data / correspondence / other information received by the HKEAA may be referred to the Examination Board concerned for delivery of examination and assessment services and for any of  the abovementioned purposes or other directly related purposes. In general, upon completion of an examination or examination series and all the connecting examination services, the HKEAA will transfer all such data to the Examination Board who will then assume full control of such data. By then, candidates should approach the Examination Board direct for their personal data / information handling policies if necessary.

*If you have given consent but wish to withdraw your consent for your personal data to be used for this purpose, please send a letter of request to the HKEAA. 



For examinations administration matters (such as registration), please contact the HKEAA at (852) 3628 8761. For service quality assurance, our telephone conservation with the public may be recorded.